ATOC publications

Since October 2013, our publications have been produced by the Rail Delivery Group:



A code of practice on retail information for rail tickets and services (842Kb)

Guidance for train operating companies and third party retailers on meeting consumer law and industry standards associated with the provision of information to passengers in connection with the sale and use of rail products and services.

March 2015


ATOC Approved Code of Practice: Passenger information during disruption (796Kb)

Train companies have revised the code of practice for providing passengers with information during disruption.

July 2014



Advice and information for wheelchair users at stations and on trains (265Kb)

A Rail Safety and Standards Board report

New rail industry best practice guidance for using ramps to board wheelchair users.

June 2014


Guidelines for development management for stations (237Kb)

Aimed at ensuring opportunities to build sustainable transport modes are maximised as part of station development schemes, both in terms of cycle parking and provision and wider Station Travel Plan initiatives.

An ATOC report

June 2014


Guidelines for development management for stations: 'how to' companion guide (250Kb)

An ATOC report

June 2014


Motorcycle parking at rail stations guide (4.38Mb)

An ATOC report

This guide has been developed to assist those wishing to support passengers and rail staff at stations who choose to use motorcycles or mopeds as part of their journey.

April 2014


Growth and prosperity (966Kb)

How franchising helped transform the railway into a British success story

July 2013


Dataset on financial performance, passenger benefits and value of franchising model 1997/98-2011/12 (1.13Mb)

Used as the basis for the 'Growth and prosperity' report.

July 2013


National Rail guide to tickets (693Kb)

This guide is designed to help you make your rail ticket choice with confidence. Finding the best value train ticket is easier than ever, with online tools and a great range of discounts available.

July 2013


Your ticket to travel (1.69Mb)

How train companies are making ticketing smarter and easier for passengers, and what's planned in the years ahead.

July 2013


Improving Britain's railway (1.09Mb)

How train companies are improving the railway and what changes passengers can look forward to in the years ahead.

July 2013


A sustainable railway (863Kb)

Find out about the work train companies are doing to improve the environment, to support the economy, and act as responsible employers.

July 2013


Guidance on the implementation of Station Travel Plans (2.79Mb)

The Station Travel Plan is a management tool that brings together initiatives into a coordinated package that is delivered through partnership between the rail industry, local authorities and other stakeholders.

July 2013


National Rail Enquiries response to ORR consultation on Real Time Train Information (220Kb)

National Rail Enquiries has provided a written response to the ORR's consultation on Real Time Train Information.

March 2013


Long term passenger rolling stock strategy for the rail industry (2.77Mb)

This report evaluates the likely demands for passenger rolling stock over the next 30 years in the context of growth in rail passenger numbers, electrification of the railways, and the need to achieve better overall value for money.

February 2013

Note: this has been superseded by the Rail Delivery Group publications:


ATOC’s submission to the ORR consultation on transparency (851Kb)

ATOC and train companies support the principle of transparency. A significant amount of information and data about the railway is already publicly available, and transparency has helped to produce positive outcomes for passengers. We are putting more information in the public domain and, alongside these initiatives, ATOC believes transparency within the sector can be improved.

December 2012

Britain's Growing Railway  

Britain's growing railway (1.05Mb)

More and more people are choosing to travel by train and the railways have a great success story to tell since privatisation. This leaflet looks back at what the railways have achieved, how they are funded, and what passengers can look forward to in the future.

September 2012


Cycle-Rail toolkit (3.59Mb)

Aimed at joining up these two important forms of transport and so helping to realise our aim of facilitating the end-to-end journey.

July 2012


The role of TOCs in delivering better value for money (927Kb)

ATOC Chief Executive Michael Roberts' presentation to the Railway Strategies Live conference in Birmingham.

June 2012


ATOC Business Plan 2012/13-2014/15 (1.44Mb)

ATOC's three year business plan.

May 2012


Rolling stock requirements 2014-19: an ATOC overview (1.07Mb)

ATOC sets out the options for additional carriages for the period 2014-19, knownas Control Period 5.

May 2012


Franchising and the future: what's next for the railways? (3.1Mb)

A presentation delivered by ATOC Head of Strategy, Richard Davies, to the UK Rail Development and Investment Conference.

April 2012


Approved code of practice: passenger information during disruption (313Kb)

Train companies have signed up to a new code of practice for providing passengers with information during disruptions.

March 2012

Note: this has been superseded by ATOC Approved Code of Practice: Passenger information during disruption (July 2014)


ATOC response to the ORR/DfT consultation on the role of the regulator (378Kb)

Train companies say that proposals to extend the role of the Office of Rail Regulation are 'deeply flawed'.

March 2012


The McNulty report: a GB train operator view (518Kb)

A presentation given by Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of ATOC, in a joint CER/ATOC event in Brussels.

February 2012


Smart ticketing for the railway (748Kb)

A presentation given by Steve Howes, Managing Director of Rail Settlement Plan, about the future of smart ticketing on the railways.

January 2012


Rolling stock and value for money: an ATOC discussion paper (896Kb)

This paper sets out proposals for train companies to be given a greater role in ordering and managing their rolling stock, which would deliver benefits to both taxpayers and passengers. MORE]

December 2011


How can we encourage more private sector investment in Britain's railways? (1.43Mb)

ATOC Chairman, Tom Smith, discusses how franchise reform can unlock private sector investment to the benefit of passengers and taxpayers.

November 2011


ATOC submission to the Cabinet Office public consultation Making open data real (495Kb)

Document about the range of facts and figures about the rail industry that are put into the public domain.

October 2011


Keeping Britain moving (542Kb)

A snapshot of the work train companies have been doing across the country to encourage more people to take the train, improve the passenger experience and invest in a growing railway for the future.

October 2011


Initial industry plan: England and Wales (1.28Mb)
Initial industry plan: Scotland (1.12Mb)

The rail industry sets out plans for the future of the railway, for England and Wales, and for Scotland.

September 2011


ATOC response to consultation on High Speed Rail: investing in Britain's future (612Kb)

ATOC's views on a proposed new high speed link from London to Birmingham.

August 2011



A new structure for success on Britain’s railway: an ATOC position paper on industry structural reform (500Kb)

ATOC sets out detailed proposals for reforming the structure of the rail industry, ahead of the publication of the McNulty Review.

March 2011


National Rail & Underground CCTV guidance document (1Mb)

ATOC, Network Rail, British Transport Police and Transport for London have all signed up to new national guidelines to using CCTV, in a collective aim to make the railways as safe as possible for passengers and staff.

November 2010


Better alignment of train and track: proposals by ATOC (372Kb)

ATOC sets out detailed proposals about how changes to the way in which train companies work with Network Rail would benefit passengers and taxpayers.

September 2010


Passenger rail: the way forward (458Kb)

Train companies set out proposals to make the railways more focussed on the needs of the passenger and to ensure value for money for the taxpayer. ATOC argues that the best way to ensure that the railways can become even more customer-focused and cost-efficient is by making use of train operators’ expertise and enterprise to forge a stronger relationship between the public and private sectors.

September 2010


Planning ahead 2010: the long term planning framework (2.49Mb)

The industry's long term planning document for the future of the railways over the coming decades.

August 2010


On track: why rail matters (2.29Mb)

How investment in the rail network benefits towns and cities and creates jobs.

July 2010


Franchise reform and better value for money (572Kb)

ATOC sets out in detail how the proposals that it published in October for longer and smarter franchises could, in time, generate industry savings of up to £600m a year.

April 2010


ATOC response to DfT consultation on future of franchises (94Kb)

In its response to a Government consultation on the future of franchises, ATOC says that the proposals set out by the Department for Transport (DfT) in January fall well short of what is needed and in some cases represent a backwards step.

March 2010


Stations made easy (323Kb)

Stations Made Easy is a new interactive tool on the National Rail Enquiries website. It helps people to find their way around stations and, where possible, navigate away from features that make using stations difficult e.g. stairs, to find a more suitable route.

December 2009


Franchise reform: a better railway for passengers and for taxpayers (2.28Mb)

Passenger rail has boomed since privatisation and train companies have been at the forefront of a sea-change in rail travel, but we believe that it will become increasingly hard to deliver further benefits to passengers and taxpayers if the rules by which train companies are allowed to operate are not reformed.

October 2009


Passenger rail: the way forward (1.43Mb)

Train companies, working individually and together through ATOC, are committed to investing in Britain, improving and extending services for passengers, and maximising the economic and environmental benefits only rail can give.

September 2009


Planning ahead: Control Period 5 and beyond (1.18Mb)

Demand for passenger and rail freight services is expected to double over the next 30 years and possibly triple beyond that. A strategic, long-term approach is needed to ensure the network can accommodate this growth and in turn help to drive our economy sustainably. This is the first in a series of documents in which Network Rail and operators set out their vision for the railway of the future.

June 2009


The billion passenger railway: lessons from the past, prospects for the future (777Kb)

2007 was a record year for the railway, and this booklet celebrates that achievement. Our business is to bring people together and in 2007, as measured by passenger miles, we did more than in 1946, the previous record year, and more than in the great days of the railway in the 20s and 30s and on a railway half the size.

April 2008