ATOC Schemes Managed by the Commercial Team

The web page provides access to the documents that comprise the compendium of ATOC Schemes managed by the Commercial Team.

How to use this Compendium

The schemes have evolved over time in such a way that in many cases it is necessary to read more than one document to get a full operational understanding of any particular Scheme.  Such additional documents are identified in the notes to the right of the primary scheme rule documents listed below.

Readers who are not familiar with the ATOC Schemes are recommended to first read pages two and three of Document 1, which give an introductory overview.  Individual schemes are then best approached by reading the relevant Scheme Rule document alongside its entry in the tables on page four and from page five onwards of Document 1.  The latter extended table summarises the key features of each scheme and shows its current status (i.e. taking into account any incremental changes since the documents were originally written).  Documents in the appendices may be consulted for further detail if required.

Notes regarding the documents comprising the Compendium

The individual documents have been numbered in sequence to enable readers to readily assemble a full printed copy of the compendium if they so wish.  Please note that:


  • Documents 2 to 17 inclusive have been grouped according to the senior governance body.
  • As described in document 20, documents 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are subject to administrative arrangements and certain other provisions from the Commercial Scheme (document 2).
  • The appendices referred to in documents 20.1 and 20.2 are not included in those papers, but can be found below as documents 2 and 14 respectively

List of documents comprising the Compendium

1    ATOC Commercial Scheme Governance.
(this is the introductory document, which also includes a tabular summary of the key features of each scheme)

2    Commercial Scheme.  
3    Family Railcard Scheme.  
4    Young Persons Railcard Scheme. See also document 6 re changes to these schemes operational from May 2008.
5    Senior Railcard Scheme.
7    Two Together Railcard Scheme.  
8    Disabled Persons Railcard Scheme.  
9    HM Forces Railcard Scheme.  

10    Retail Agents Scheme.  This is contained in the Ticketing & Settlement Agreement Parts XII to XVII (which also refer to Parts VIII, IX and X).  It can be found on the RSP section of the ATOC website:

See also documents 10.1 and 10.2 (the ration-alisation of arrangements in 2003) and 20.1 (revised voting thresholds effective from Feb 2014).
11    International Products Scheme See also document 10.2 (scheme rationalisation).

12    London Regional Transport Scheme covering:

  • Travelcard;
  • Non-Travelcard Through Ticketing
  • Concessionary Fares.

Scheme Rules are subject to documents 12.1 (incorporation of Police Travel) and 14 (Revised Administrative Arrangements for the London Regional Transport Scheme and the Zonal Fares Scheme effective from Feb 2014).

See also the agreements: 12.2 (Freedom Pass) and 12.3 and 12.4 (the Metropolitan and City Police Travel).

13    Zonal Fares Scheme. Rules are subject to document 14.
15    Oyster PAYG Scheme.  
16    Network Card Scheme. Rules are subject to document 16.1 regarding amendment of clauses 8 and 15.
17    Passenger Demand Forecasting Scheme. See also document 17.1 MOIRA access guidance note.
Appendix 1: Terms of Reference for Governance Bodies and Working groups
18    Terms of Reference for Governance Bodies  
Appendix 2: Commercial Board and London Scheme documents relating to key changes in governance
19.1 and 19.2 papers regarding the establishment of Commercial Board in 2005.  
20.1    Commercial Board paper regarding changes to the schemes under Commercial Board’s remit in November 2013.  
20.2    London Scheme Council paper regarding changes to the LRT and Zonal Fares Schemes in November 2013.  


Further Information

For any questions regarding the compendium, in the first instance please contact:

Billy Denyer

Head of Analysis and Planning, ATOC.


Phone: 020 7842 8045