Where Can I Go?

The main travel facilities entitlements for Active/Retired safeguarded staff and their eligible family members (including widow/ers) and for TOC non-safeguarded active staff and their eligible family members.

Travel Tips for Europe

Useful information on where you can (or can't) go, and how to book (updated 1 May 2015)
For more information about International Rail Ltd's services,  phone them on 0871 559 1075 (10p a minute from a UK landline); email them at sales@bookmyrst.co.uk or go to www.bookmyrst.co.uk .

Travel Irregularities

Guidelines on what constitutes a TI, what penalties might apply and so how to avoid committing one.

What happens when I leave?

Guidelines on whether or not you might keep your national travel facilities when you leave the railway.


How to contact us

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Email: rstl@atoc.org

Postal address: Rail Staff Travel, PO Box 72071, London EC1P 1JD