This page provides:

  • a link to the Conditions of Issue and Use to which you are subscribing by submitting a form and by using the facilities, and
  • forms that you may need to:
    • apply for various travel facilities, or
    • notify RSTL of a change of circumstances.

Please ensure that you always use the latest forms from this page and not any earlier versions – old forms are out of date and will not be accepted.  If the form does not exactly fit your circumstance, e.g. for widow(er)s, please fill in the form as completely as possible and submit.  If you require further assistance though, please contact us directly.

Please also note that you must only use RSTL forms from this page when applying for RSTL facilities.  Other versions of forms not from RSTL are not acceptable and will be rejected.

Conditions of Issue and Use

RSTL's NEW Online Forms

RSTL have put a new process in place to assist in the handling of these new forms.

These new style forms should be completed online and submitted to RSTL in one go, saving you time and money.

There is no longer any need for you to print or save the forms, or to scan or email.

Just complete the forms on your browser and press Submit. Any submitted forms will go directly into the RSTL system to be dealt with by RSTL.

Follow the instructions below to enable the changes to be made as quickly and accurately as possible.

How to complete:

  1. Click on the form you need.  The form is displayed in your browser.
  2. Complete the fields on the form – the forms have mandatory fields and some requiring specific formats.
  3. Press the Submit button.
  4. A confirmation screen will be displayed after correctly submitting your form.
    You will immediately receive the confirmation screen. You do not need to send any additional email - this will only delay the processing of your form.
Add Spouse or Partner
  • In respect of Spouse - you must attach a Marriage Certificate
  • In respect of Civil Partners - you must attach a Civil Partnership Certificate
  • In respect of Common Law Spouse or Partner - you must attach a completed and stamped 1503 Partner Declaration
  • Attach documents as a JPG, JPEG or PDF file of less than 1Mb
Add Child Dependant
  • In respect of your own or your Spouse/Partner's Child - you must attach a Full Birth Certificate
  • In respect of Children that are adopted, fostered or subject to guardianship or residency order - you must attach the Adoption Certificate, Foster Order, Special Guardianship Order or Residency Order
  • If you cannot obtain a Full Birth Certificate - you must attach a Short Birth Certificate AND completed and stamped 1504 Child Declaration
  • Attach documents as a single JPG, JPEG or PDF file of less than 1Mb
  • For Children aged 16 or above, you must also submit a Child Aged 16+ Declaration - 1505.
Change of Address
  • UK Addresses - Non-UK addresses must be notified by email or post
Child Aged 16+ - DECLARATION
  • Attach proof of eligibility (if required) as a JPG, JPEG or PDF file of less than 1Mb
Dependant Documents Attached
  • To be used solely for sending documents to RSTL for Dependants when a Form 1502 has already been submitted,
    e.g. Full Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Partner Declaration
  • Attach documents as a JPG, JPEG or PDF file of less than 1Mb

Alternatively, you can print the forms from your browser, complete and send by post or email to RSTL.


Please note that only the forms above can currently be submitted online.  All other forms are still in the standard format for now, and are listed below.


RSTL Standard Forms

The forms listed below can either be emailed or posted to RSTL.

How to complete

  1. Click on the form you need
  2. Save it to your desktop
  3. Open the form in Word
  4. Complete the fields as required
  5. Save the form as a Word document (as your own Lastname_Form number_your NI number)
  6. Active Staff only - If you submit the form by email, you don’t need to sign a form. Type your name in the signature box and provided the email comes from a work mailbox that matches the employee named on the form, it will be accepted
  7. Put the FORM NUMBER of your application in the subject line of the email - this helps to ensure it is correctly identified when it reaches us.

Where to send

  • Retired staff - send forms directly to RSTL
  • Active TOC staff - send forms directly to RSTL
  • Active Non-TOC Staff - Forms MUST be sent to your usual travel facilities contact point – in most cases, this will be via your employer.
  • Network Rail staff MUST go via the Safeguarded Helpdesk - contact details are here
  • BTP staff MUST go via the HR Business Centre - contact details are here

When to send

Please allow sufficient time to process your application before you need your cards or passes, especially if your employer needs to authorise a form and you then need to take the form to a ticket office.

How to submit

  • RSTL is committed to reducing its paper usage, so prefers to receive forms by email whenever possible (including from employers).
  • Please use our central email address – rstl@atoc.org so that you receive an automatic receipt.
  • We realise not everyone can do this, so posted forms are also accepted.

What else to send

  • Photos (for Status Passes and Chiltern, ScotRail, c2c, Freight, etc. Passes)
    • Digital photos should be uploaded directly to RSTL - Photo Upload here
    • Digital photos can also be accepted as JPEGs by email.
    • You must follow the instructions on the photo upload page regarding photo requirements and quality.
  • Certificates, cheques, SAEs (full details on the forms in question)
    • If you wish to pay for any item by credit or debit card, you should submit the form and then contact us in office hours to arrange payment.  Your card details will only be used for the transaction in question and will not be stored by RSTL. This is for your protection.
    • A FULL birth certificate is requested because the short versions do not provide sufficient information. Parents' details are needed in order to establish entitlement.
    • Certificates can be scanned and sent by email along with the forms to which they refer.
    • Please do not send originals - we cannot guarantee to return them and cannot be held liable for any loss.

The following forms are available:

Residential facilities (RSTL will issue the correct cards and passes)
  • Residential Pass
  • Privilege Season Ticket
  • Reduced Rate Season Ticket
(Please apply at least 15 days in advance - authorised forms will be returned approx 7-10 days in advance)
New Partner 1503
New child
  • If no full birth certificate is available

Older child with no income or benefits

Housekeeper 1506
Retired but annual proof of eligibility required 1507
Duty Travel
  • MUST be authorised by your Employer
Leisure Travel (free)
  • International Reduced Rate Cards (FIP Card)
  • International Coupons
  • Letters of Introduction
Replacements – for Lost or Stolen Cards and Passes 1510
Refunds 1511
Data check for Retiring Staff 1512
Free tickets
  • Safeguarded Staff only, and only in exceptional circumstances
Notification of a death 1516
TfL Gate Permit
  • Issued on request only - please contact RSTL
TfL Privilege Oyster
  • Safeguarded Active or Retired only
P&O Ferries 90020
Attica Ferries 90030
Attica Ferries 90031


As an Employee, you cannot personally apply for travel facilities for the first time. The initial notification must come to RSTL from your employer. Thereafter you can apply for any of the above services using the forms indicated.

All current application forms are now prefixed 15xx indicating they are this calendar year's versions.  From 1 February 2015, only 15xx Forms will be accepted.


How to contact us

Email: rstl@atoc.org

Tel: 0800 652 1700

Postal address: Rail Staff Travel, PO Box 72071, London EC1P 1JD