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Extension of benefits on Irish Ferries to TOC non-safeguarded staff (August 2014)

With effect from 1 August 2014, Irish Ferries have extended their exchange to include non-safeguarded staff at Train Operating Companies, and their entitled family members.  You can now enjoy an unlimited number of priv-rate journeys on Irish Ferries (between Pembroke Dock and Rosslare, and between Holyhead and Dublin) by presenting your TOC Priv Card and Photo ID card at the Irish Ferries Ticket Office of your choice.   Tickets must be obtained in advance of travel.

“Entitled family members” now includes common-law partners for all categories of staff (including safeguarded active and retired), ie not just legally married spouses or civil partners.


Change to the use of FIP facilities in Portugal for UK Rail Staff (July 2014)

With effect from 1 January 2015 (travel date), Portuguese Railways (CP) are reducing the level of exchange that they can offer to all fellow FIP carriers.

Henceforth they allow the following:

  • One free ticket (coupon) per calendar year for active staff only
  • One free ticket during the 45 months following retirement for retired staff who were entitled to free travel when active
  • Tickets at 50% discount only (ie no coupons) for all other categories of staff and their entitled family members.

In practice, this change means that retired safeguarded staff, and all family members, of both active and retired staff, will no longer be able to benefit from one coupon a year in Portugal.

However, retiring safeguarded staff still have 9 months from the date of leaving in which to apply for 1 x CP free coupon provided that one has not already been issued during the final year of active entitlement.

RSTL  has used its best endeavours to get Portugal to continue the exchange at the higher rate, but unfortunately to no avail: this is a Europe-wide decision.

While this will be of little consolation to any regular visitor to Portugal  using FIP coupons, this loss represents less than 3% of the total coupons issued  a year.

When applying for coupons for Portugal, please bear in mind that the last date for return travel is 31 December 2014.  


FIP Reservations on TGV services (July 2014)

Deutsche Bahn UK have advised that currently they are unable to issue FIP reservations and tickets for travel on cross-border TGV services from France to Spain and Switzerland. This is as a result of system changes introduced by French Railways (SNCF). DBUK are currently in discussion with SNCF in an effort to resolve this problem, although this may take some time.

In the meantime FIP bookings on these services may still be made by contacting Voyages-sncf.com on telephone number 0844 848 5848. Please be aware that Voyages-sncf.com charge a booking fee for this service.


Rail Staff Travel's Contact Details

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Rail Staff Travel Ltd
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Our freephone number remains:

0800 652 1700

The phones are open from 09.00 to 16.30 every weekday.

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Please use our generic email address rstl@atoc.org



Rail Staff Travel: general information

Rail Staff Travel Limited (RSTL) looks after Rail Staff Travel on a national basis, enabling most staff in the rail industry to benefit from some level of concessionary travel. We provide a service to both employeer and employees, active and retired, issuing cards and passes and dealing with queries.  

  Employees can use the links on the left to find:

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