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Christmas and New Year Office Closure

Our phone lines will be closed from 4.30pm on Tuesday 23 December 2014 until 9.00am on Monday 5 January 2015.  Please ensure you lodge any urgent requests with us before the holidays. Thank you.


Transport for London changes from 2 January 2015 (affecting safeguarded staff only)

With effect from 2 January 2015, it will no longer be possible to buy privilege rate paper single and return tickets to TfL destinations (London Underground, DLR and most London Overground stations) at London Underground ticket offices.  You can either still buy these at National Rail mainline London stations, or you can obtain a Privilege Rate Oyster Card (using form 1419 for now), if you haven’t already got one.  Remember fares on Oyster are always cheaper than cash fares.

See our FAQs for more information.


FIP CARDS 2015-16

New fully-printed FIP cards have just been renewed and are due for despatch from 8 December 2014 (to home or company addresses).  Please allow until at least Friday 9 January 2015 for your cards to arrive before you report any postal non-delivery.

You can continue to use existing cards (dated 2013/14) until 31 January 2015, and you can use your new card from 1 January 2015.

To apply for an FIP card for the first time, please use form 1409.



We have started to collect new photos for the Status Pass renewal which will be carried out in Autumn 2015.  The reason for starting this process early is because a large number of  people need to use the online upload facility (see link at left), so we're therefore trying to "stagger" the process. 




The discount available for rail staff, known as the “Priv” rate, has been set at 75% of the full-price fare ever since the Rail Staff Travel Scheme was set up.  Using the current fare names, this means the Anytime Fare is used to calculate the “Priv” fare.

On and  from 7 September 2014 (date of sale), a 12 months’ trial is to commence and the  fare on which a “Priv” fare is to be calculated is being expanded to include day and period walk-up off-peak fares (including super off-peak fares). The time restrictions applying to these tickets will also apply to the “Priv” discounted ticket.  “Priv” fares continue to be available at ticket offices and on train (if the ticket office is not open on at the departure station).

The following are not covered by this new arrangement:

  • Advance Purchase fares
  • Season Tickets
  • Any fares that include a London Travelcard
  • Non-safeguarded (ie TOC) staff only: any fares that include London Underground zone fares, unless making a through-London journey

This new “Priv” rate is available for leisure travel by: -

  • Safeguarded staff using their Staff Travel Card (no need to date a box);
  • Non-safeguarded staff using the TOC Privilege Card;
  • FIP card holders visiting the UK will also now be eligible for discounts on the additional fare types at their prevailing discount rate -  typically 50%.

Two examples of the new discounts are shown below (standard class return journey):

1. Carmarthen to Abergavenny

Current situation

£38.40             Fare available to the public for this journey (Off-Peak Return).

£17.20             “Priv” fare - based on “Anytime” fares

From 7 September 2014

£38.40             Fare available to the public for this journey (Off-Peak Return).

£9.60               New “Priv” fare based on “Off-Peak” fares

Reduction in “Priv” fare of £7.60 (44%)

2. London to Manchester

Current situation

£79.70             Fare available to the public for this journey  (Off-Peak Return)

£80.25             “Priv” fare - based on “Anytime” fares

From 7 September 2014

£79.70             Fare available to the public for this journey  (Off-Peak Return)

£19.95             New “Priv” fare based on “Off-Peak” fares

Reduction in “Priv” fare of £60.30 (75%)

This 12 month trial initiative is being jointly supported by all of the Train Operating Companies who want to provide access to increased UK discounted rail travel benefits for their employees as well as those safeguarded employees in other rail companies. The success of the trial will be evaluated in September 2015.

15 August 2014


FIP travel in The Netherlands (Oct 2014)

NS are introducing nationally a SmartCard system called  "OV-chipkaart"  but this has not yet been made available for overseas visitors, including people travelling using FIP facilities. A special barcoded coupon will be issued with each NS coupon - it will include full details on how to use it.  Tickets purchased at service desks in The Netherlands backed up by an FIP card will be barcoded to permit gate entry.  We are seeking further clarification on how to obtain tickets at non-manned stations.


Rail Staff Travel's Contact Details

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Rail Staff Travel Ltd
PO Box 72071


By Phone

Our freephone number remains:

0800 652 1700

The phones are open from 09.00 to 16.30 every weekday.

By Email

Please use our generic email address rstl@atoc.org


Rail Staff Travel: general information

Rail Staff Travel Limited (RSTL) looks after Rail Staff Travel on a national basis, enabling most staff in the rail industry to benefit from some level of concessionary travel. We provide a service to both employeer and employees, active and retired, issuing cards and passes and dealing with queries.  

  Employees can use the links on the left to find:

All the forms that you need with which to apply for cards and passes, or notify RSTL of any changes in personal circumstances
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Contact details for our Customer Service staff 

Employers ONLY can click here for more information on our extranet. Active and retired staff do not need to visit that site: all the information they need is on these pages.