Routeing Guide

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New Data RJRG 0309 set published18/07/2014

New map permissions Doncaster - Lincoln, added map sequence  ED. this is to allow journeys via Retford.

New map permissions Doncaster -Sleaford, added map sequence map ED+KS. this is to allow journeys via Grantham.

Easement 700535, amended wording to clarify that the promotion applies only to TPE tickets using Fare route 00085 TPE ONLY


New Data RJRG 0308 set published 09/07/2014

For Routeing Point Hellifield Group to Cambridge, six new map sequences – KE+MI+EM_CU , KE+MM, KE+PR+MH, WA+MI+EM+CU, WAS+MM and WA+PR+MH. The only impact of this change is disallow travel into London Kings Crossand then out again from London Kings Cross to/from Cambridge, thus preventing a double-back between Stevenage and London Kings Cross.

Two new Easements added:

700534. Customers may not travel via Southsea Hoverport on route 'Any Permitted'.

700535: Customers travelling using 'Club 55' promotion tickets on Fare Route 00085 TPE ONLY, may travel via Manchester


New Data RJRG 0307 Data set published 27 June 2014

Two easements introduced for engineering work have been deleted; 700515 and 700520.

Two new map sequences added between Routeing Points Denmark Hill (DMK) to Portsmouth Group (G23); EL+PD and PK+SW.

New Data RJRG 0306 Data set published 20 June 2014

A new map sequence added Clapham Junction (CLJ) and London Group (G01); added map WX. This was necessary because the link directly from CLJ->G01 was not valid for some Journey Planner (because the journey does not travel on any map link of VL., it travels to a node on map VL at G01).

Easement 700533 added due to engineering works, to allow travel via Birmingham New Street and London Euston on Cross Country and Virgin Trains services only on 2nd & 3rd August, for journeys between London & Cheltenham/Gloucester on tickets using Fare Route Codes 00827; 00808; 00807; 00803. This easement will be withdrawn in a subsequent RJRG data set after the applicable dates.

Map RB has had a route link added between Portsmouth Group and Southampton Group. this is to facilitate Journey Planners offering journeys from Portsmouth to the Midlands and beyond, where previously a journey was reported off route at Southampton Airport Parkway.

RJRG 0305 was a data release to correct the data file for RJRG 0304 that some data recipients rejected. This required the data file to be resent on the next business day. The file had the same content and did not change the data within the Routeing Guide.


New Data RJRG 0304 Data set published 13 June 2014

Three new easements, 700528, 700529 and 700530, that create alternative routeing during Great Western mainline engineering works in August and early September 2014.

Easement 700532 is a Routeing Point easement to allow journeys from the South coast  to Maidstone, (with tickets route not via London), to travel via Ashford International. This corrections a situation created when Maidstone Group was deleted.

Easement 700531 was a draft, the content of which duplicated 700530 and was therefore deleted before publication.


New Data RJRG 0303 Data set published 10 June 2014

A review of map permission errors for journeys from (SHF) Sheffield to the south, (but not to London), via the East Coast Main Line. The Changes that were made are:

Cambridge (CBG) and Sheffield (SHF) - added sequences 'EE+MS', 'KE+EE+MS'

Cheshunt (CHN) and Sheffield (SHF) - added sequence 'AD+MS'

Hitchin (HIT) and Sheffield (SHF) - added sequence 'EE+MS'

Lincoln (LCN) and Sheffield (SHF) - added sequence 'JL+MS'

LONDON GROUP (G01) and Sheffield (SHF) - added Sequences: 'AA+EE+MS', 'AA+HU+SH', 'EE+MS',  'HU+SH',  'KP+AM'

NEWARK GROUP (G47) and Sheffield (SHF) - added sequence 'DG+JL+MS'

NEWARK GROUP (G47) and Sheffield (SHF) - added sequence 'ED+MS'

Peterborough. (PBO) and Sheffield (SHF) - added sequence 'EE+MS'

Sheffield (SHF) and Stevenage (SVG) - added sequence 'MS+EE'

STANSTED GROUP (G66) and Sheffield (SHF) - added sequence 'EE+MS


Cambridge (CBG) and Sheffield (SHF) - removed sequences 'AD+HO', 'KE+EC+YL'

Cheshunt (CHN) and Sheffield (SHF) - removed sequence 'AD+HO'

Ely (ELY) and Sheffield (SHF) - removed sequence 'AD+HO'

Hitchin (HIT) and Sheffield (SHF) - removed sequence 'EE+HO'

Lincoln (LCN) and Sheffield (SHF) - removed sequence 'JL+HO'

LONDON GROUP (G01) and Sheffield (SHF) - removed sequences:'EE+HO', ‘ED+HO', 'EE+YL'


The following easement has been added:

Added 700527: During engineering works from 23/08/2014 to 24/08/2014, customers travelling with tickets routed 'Not Via Reading' may travel via Reading. This easement excludes journeys London and the Thames Valley area and also excludes journeys between Pewsey - Newbury and the West (Devon and Cornwall).


New Data RJRG 0302 Data set published 09 June 2014

Correction to Section C in Public pdf of Section C - correction to system margins that generate pages.

Two easements withdrawn 700418 and 700419. These are associated with amendments to Fare Route codes 00370 LM & XC ONLY and 00460 AP LM & XC ONLY, both of which now include TAM (Tamworth) as a must include location. The impact of this is to assist Journey Planning systems to retail journeys using these route codes from London to Sheffield on London Midland services only to Tamworth, and then onwards by Cross Country services only to Sheffield. As a result the  two easements,  700418 and 700419, are no longer necessary and have been withdrawn

New Data RJRG 0301 Data set published 06 June 2014

Added map sequences

HAB – SLR added map LN to create map permissions data correction to Routeing Guide

G60 – G85 added AR+FS to create map permissions via Tonbridge

To create map routes to Warrington (G31) via Earlestown for Journeys starting from east Yorkshire (where the shortest route rules are showing journeys off route at Deansgate) the following new map sequences were added

G31 – GOO sequences added NO+LY; NO+TP
G31 – HUL sequences added  NO+HM
G31 – SBY sequences added  NO+HM

Map sequences removed

Carlisle – Middlesbrough (G42) removed sequence MG+MT  data correction to Routeing Guide
Chesterfield – London Group removed sequence BY+TV  data correction to Routeing Guide
London Group to Sheffield  removed sequences AD+HO; KP+AM; LN+SH; TV+BY  data correction to Routeing Guide
Habrough – Sleaford removed sequences ED+DL; LN+ED+DL data correction to Routeing Guide
Warrington (G31) – Goole removed sequences MN+WY data correction to Routeing Guide

Map change to Map NN Northern- Local routes North of Manchester added link. To allow services without a passing time at Salford Crescent not to be off route when reported by Journey planners.


Routeing point easements to replicate the required impact in journey planners of 700311; 700314; 700315; 700318; 700352; 700355 deleted in data set 297 the following easements have been deployed – 700521; 700522; 700523; 700524; 700525; 700526