RSP Data Licence

Licence Template (Terms & Conditions)

If you would like to receive or source a regular supply of RSP data, or are planning to use RSP data for any purposes other than testing, then you will be required to sign an RSP data licence. This sets out the terms under which the RSP data shall be made available or supplied to you and the conditions you must comply with, which include, but are not limited to using the RSP data accurately, impartially and in a professional manner. In addition, you will also be required to comply with any subsequent instructions, procedures or standards issued by RSP relating to the use of RSP data. The cost of the RSP data licence and the charges for receiving/accessing RSP data can be found at the following cost link.

Below is a pdf of the latest RSP data licence template. For further details in relation to obtaining an RSP data licence you should email RSP and include your company’s trading name, company number, company address and the purpose for which you are proposing to use the RSP data.

  RSP Data Licence Template v07-00


Please note that if you want to use RSP data to retail rail products, then you will be required to apply for an ATOC retail licence (subject to status), as separate terms and conditions apply to the retailing of rail products. Please contact ATOC Commercial for further details.