Accredited Ticket Issuing Systems

Conditions of Approval are issued by RSP following the successful accreditation of a Ticket Issuing Systems (TIS). The document covers areas such as:

  • the environment for which the accreditation has been granted, for example, ticket office use, self service use, call centre use or online use;
  • the scope of the accreditation and which features are in scope; and
  • the certificate of accreditation which carries an expiry date.


Below are links to the various versions of ticket issuing systems operating in the live national rail environment, as well as those currently operating in pilot. For more information on these systems please contact the relevant ticket machine supplier.


Accredited Station & Mobile Ticket Issuing Systems (Updated 16/04/15)


Accredited Self Service Station Ticket Issuing Systems (Updated 13/05/15)


Accredited Online Ticket Issuing Systems (Updated 10/08/15)