Accreditation is the process by which RSP ensures that various Ticket Issuing Systems (TIS) used to sell and issue National Rail tickets for travel on UK passenger train services are able to:

  • produce tickets that conform to industry standard specifications (RSP Standards), so that they can be accepted by all Train Companies (TOCs) and thus support interoperability across all TOCs in line with the Ticketing & Settlement Agreement (TSA);
  • generate the associated ticket transaction data ensuring it conforms to the relevant RSP Standard and is therefore acceptable to the centralized RSP settlement systems, in order to ensure accuracy and probity of settlement;
  • generate data which interfaces appropriately with other RSP systems and allows for interoperable functionality between TIS for seat reservations, Ticket on Departure (ToD) and other systems;
  • maintain RSP Standards of security and integrity in relation to RSP systems;
  • assure TOCs that their TIS comply with the terms of the TSA, and assure third party retailers that their TIS comply with the terms of their retailing licence;
  • ensure that the TIS uses RSP standard data feeds in their retailing processes to meet consistency and impartial retailing requirements; and
  • support disaster recovery/business continuity and recovery from system fault conditions, error handling and preserve an audit trail.

The following link provides an overview of the Accreditation process: Accreditation Guide