Operations, Engineering and Major Projects

The Operations, Engineering and Major Projects teams are voluntarily funded schemes that operate within the trade association work of ATOC. The Directorate’s purpose is to support Scheme members in delivering a safe, punctual and economic railway.


More about our teams

The three teams that make up the Directorate undertake activities in close liaison with train operators and their parent companies are:

  • Operations - the scheme brings together the professional operators from within train companies. Issues addressed include ways of improving the performance of the railway; safety; operating standards; and security. ATOC Operations is also the host of the rail industry’s Adhesion Working Group (AWG) website.
  • Engineering - the ATOC Engineering Scheme provides a forum for the professional engineering community can discuss issues of common interest and commission work aimed at reducing train delays caused by rolling stock issues; safety issues relating to rolling stock engineering; ways of improving the efficiency of train operators; and the development of technical standards.
  • Major Projects