National Rail Enquiries

National Rail Enquiries is the main source of rail information in Britain, providing passengers with everything they need to know about travelling by train. By enabling passengers to obtain all of their travel information in one place, NRE provides the train operators with £450m of ticket sales opportunities each year.

Our key drivers are to increase ticket sales, to grow our registered customer base and to continue our dominance as the number one website in the travel/transport sector while further reducing costs. We are focussed on improving the speed, accuracy and availability of information through a variety of media across the industry. And by providing rebranded services to the train operators, we help to keep the cost of information provision down whilst also improving consistency – NRE provides over 250 services to 45 clients.

We provide the industry’s best source of real time train information, and we will continue to innovate to meet emerging business opportunities in pursuit of our aims.

National Rail Enquiries has several areas of activity, these are:

National Rail Enquiries Website
Live Departure Boards Vista Gadget
TrainTracker™: 0871 200 4950
TrainTracker Text
Contact Centre/Telephone Call Answering
National Rail Communication Centre (NRCC)


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