How to become an Associate Member

Associate Membership of the Passenger Demand Forecasting Scheme provides organisations and individuals involved in rail demand forecasting with access to the Passenger Demand Forecasting Handbook (PDFH) and other key resources of the Scheme.

Benefits of Associate Membership

The advantages from joining PDFC as an Associate are:

  • The latest edition of the PDFH and regular updates for the term of membership.
  • Access to the online interactive version of the PDFH (Version 5.1, launched in 2009 and last updated in 2013).
  • The opportunity to benefit from leading edge economic and strategic rail research, with access to the full reports for all studies commissioned by PDFC. Recent examples include research into the effects on rail demand of new rolling stock, environmental awareness, car parking at stations and ticket gates. All reports are available to download from the Members' secure website.
  • Ability to offer potential clients access to the latest demand forecasting research, even where a PDFC member is not involved directly.
  • Inclusion on our register of Associates made available to organisations commissioning rail industry research
  • Attendance of quarterly Council meetings where results of recent rail demand forecasting research and other relevant research are presented. The meetings also enable Associates to network with a wide range of industry representatives.

Associates will receive a licensed copy of the new PDFH, which they can use for rail-related projects. As the PDFH develops, Associates will receive updates to the Handbook as they are produced. The Council runs a rolling programme of strategic research, which ensures that the depth of expertise and intellectual property continue to be increased.

The Council recognises the expertise existing outside the membership, and uses Associates to assist in developing research projects - both in terms of scope and methodology. We will be organising regular seminars at which Associates will be able to receive briefings on the latest research, as well as meeting and networking with Council members. There is also the possibility of convening ad hoc groups to bring together interested parties to assist the Council in developing its research strategy.

The Council keeps a register of Associates that allows them to publicise their capabilities and experience.

Associates will be briefed on the PDFC's research agenda on their accession to the Scheme, and will, if they wish, will be invited to tender for future research projects to ensure that as many interested parties as possible receive the opportunity to offer their experience and skills to the Council.

Associate Membership Period

We anticipate the relationship being long-term, and therefore Associateship will last initially for three years from the date of accession, and Associates will be able to decide whether to pay up-front or on an annual basis. This will give the opportunity to follow projects through from conception to inclusion in the PDFH, and also to allow for good relationships to be built up between Associates, the Council and individual members. Associates will also be able to develop their awareness of opportunities within the wider railway industry.

The Charging Structure

The membership charges for organisations becoming Associates during the year to 31st March 2017 are as follows:

Organisation Size Cost
Large (15+ full-time equivalent employees) £4,090 per annum
Medium (3-14 FTE employees) £2,045 per annum
Small (1-2 FTE employees) £675 per annum

If you are interested in becoming an Associate member, or would like more information about membership, please contact Tony Magee, PDF Scheme Manager, at ATOC on (020) 7841 8210 or email