The Integrated Transport team manages a number of activities for train operating companies, which include:


The Cycle-Rail Working Group

The Cycle-Rail Working Group is a cross industry working group that encourages implementation and best practice development of strategic policy in relation to the delivery of cycle-rail integration. Activities include:

  • managing £25m of investment to deliver cycle parking facilities at rail stations across the UK. It is predicted that there will be of 68,966 cycle spaces and 1,376 new hire cycles following the full implementation of investment before the end of 2015;
  • the ATOC National Cycle-Rail Awards (more at:;
  • the ATOC Cycle-Rail Toolkit best practice guide (PDF download);
  • the ATOC Motorcycle Parking at Rail Stations guide (PDF download);
  • the Bike’N’Ride Programme (PDF download)
  • the annual National Rail ‘Cycling by Train’ leaflet (PDF download);
  • making cycle carriage and cycle facilities at stations information available to passengers via the National Rail Enquiries mobile app
  • research into cycling for future franchising.

PlusBus and Integrated Ticketing

ATOC manages the PlusBus bus-rail ticket initiative (more at, and research into integrated ticketing, including bicycles and electric vehicles.

Station Travel Plans

Station Travel Plans promote environmentally sustainable ways to get to and from train stations.

ATOC led a national Station Travel Plans pilot - read the resulting guidance, produced with RSSB: Implementation of Station Travel Plans (PDF download).

The Station Travel Plans website is at

The Integrated Transport Group

The Integrated Transport Group has representatives from all TOCs, ATOC and the Confederation for Passenger Transport. The group shares best practice, organises steering groups and commissions research.

The Annual ATOC Integrated Transport and Interchange Conference

The Integrated Transport and Interchange conference features speakers from train operating companies, local authorities, consultancies and transport professionals.