Fares & Retail Support

The Fares & Retail Team looks after commercial national fares and retail support issues on behalf of the train operators – this includes managing national and cross-TOC product strategy, and issues such as maintaining and updating the National Rail Conditions of Carriage. The team also manages ‘The Manual’ – the online directory containing retail information for stations staff and important validity information about individual tickets and products.

Other areas that fall within the remit of the team include:

  • Working with the DfT, operators and passenger groups to deal with emerging national issues surrounding fares
  • Managing the national mystery shopping survey undertaken on behalf of the DfT
  • Disseminating the monthly Passengers’ Charter statistics to train operators
  • Production of maps for the London and south east train operators
  • Working with train operators to ensure an appropriate response to major national events
  • Managing the contract to provide through ticketing to continental Europe in association with Eurostar

Information on fares, maps of the National Rail network and the National Rail Conditions of Carriage are all available at www.nationalrail.co.uk