Disability & Inclusion

The Disability & Inclusion Team takes the lead in addressing any issues around how the rail industry meets the needs of disabled customers and minority groups. It liaises with government departments, national organisations and passenger groups - acting as a representative of the rail industry and as a channel.

The Disability & Inclusion Team also acts as a secretariat for the ATOC Disability Group, made up of representatives of all the holding companies that own TOCs. The group meets four times a year and exists to provide expert advice and guidance to ATOC concerning:

  • The interpretation and application of disability legislation
  • Developing and implementing consistent best practice standards and practices as regards to older and disabled people
  • Agreeing responses to consultations from Government and other agencies as regards to the position of train operating companies
  • Providing advice and guidance regarding the marketing, future development and promotion of the Disabled Persons Railcard
  • Acting as a forum for advice and discussion as regards to diversity and inclusion matters in general on an ad hoc basis

The Disability & Inclusion team also manages the delivery of the Stations Made Easy application on the National Rail Enquiries website.

Your legal rights

As a customer on the British rail network, your rights are set out in the National Conditions of Carriage.

Your right to travel by train is also protected by the train company’s Disabled People’s Protection Policy (DPPP). Each train company must produce a DPPP - contact the Customer Services Department for a copy.

Customers that feel they have been discriminated against should contact the relevant Customer Services Department.