Commercial activities

The Commercial section (part of the Customer Experience directorate) has seven main areas of activity: Analysis & Planning, Distribution, Marketing, Disability & Inclusion, Fares & Retail, London & South East, and Integrated Transport.


More about these areas

  • Analysis & Planning - sales and revenue reporting and analysis; research and analysis into factors influencing rail demand; strategic project management and management of the demand forecasting scheme.
  • Distribution - third party retailer licensing; set commission levels; training for travel management companies.
  • Marketing - marketing the range of national railcards (the 16-25, Two Together, Senior, Disabled Railcards); industry-wide commercial activities under the National Rail umbrella; marketing support for London & South East initiatives and management of the Network Railcard and Gold Card products.
  • Disability & Inclusion - supporting TOCs in meeting their franchise obligations; liaising with stakeholders (government, opinion formers, advocacy groups); best practice and guidance; developing improvement initiatives.
  • Fares & Retail - fares strategy and policy; support for TOC retailing.
  • London & South East - coordinating and managing contractual arrangements between Transport for London and TOCs; Freedom Pass contract; Pay as You Go Strategy; London police travel arrangements.
  • Integrated Transport - facilitating joint integrated initiatives on behalf of Train Operating Companies (TOCs). Currently, these are Plusbus, Station Travel Plans and cycling/rail.

All these areas include management of schemes and groups comprised of ATOC’s members and partners.