Train companies have published all 2013 ticket prices and can confirm the average price increase for all fares in the new year will be 3.9%.

We know that nobody likes paying more for their journey, particularly to travel to work, so we want to help explain why fares have changed in price.

On this website you can also find out:

  • How you can save money on your rail travel
  • How money from fares is spent on improvements to services, including more trains and better stations
  • How to find further information on train travel, including your train company's performance

Fares for travel on National Rail services can be found at National Rail Enquiries, so you can check how much your usual ticket - or any ticket - will cost from January 2 when the new prices take effect.

You can quickly and easily find out how much your season ticket costs by using the Season Ticket Calculator.

David Cameron

"There are only two places that money for the railways can come from. It can come from the taxpayer or it can come from the traveller"

Prime Minister David Cameron MP,
January 2012